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We want Black-owned vendors to table and sell goods at the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center. Only about 2% of businesses in Louisville are Black-owned despite Black residents making up more than 23% of the population. In addition to needing systemic start-up and infrastructure support, existing businesses need regular opportunities to promote, display, and sell their products. The Louisville Urban League’s Center for Entrepreneurship wants to add to those opportunities. And we want to do it at one of the premier sites in the city.

We will be providing various opportunities. If you and your business want to participate in future events, there are 2 steps:

      If you are a new for-profit or an existing for-profit that needs a little help, the Louisville Urban League’s Center for Entrepreneurship serves as the front door for current and aspiring Black business owners looking to start-up, stabilize, or scale. Inquire here.
    • RSVP
      Once you are ready to be a vendor and table with us, just navigate back to this page where you can look through the list of events below for opportunities to set up. Please note that there may be restrictions on some events.
      To be the first to know about upcoming opportunities to have a vendor table at the Sports & Learning Center or to learn about new resources and opportunities for your business, join our mailing list by completing this form.

Food Trucks

The Louisville Urban League is gathering information on Black- and POC-owned food trucks. Periodically we host events where we can use this vital resource, but we are also asked for recommendations. We know there are lots of local trucks and with the opening of the new Sports & Learning Center, there may be additional opportunities. If you and your food truck business are operational and interested in being considered as opportunities arise, please COMPLETE THIS FORM.

NOTE: This form is not a guarantee of business. It is a database we will use when we have the opportunity and one we will share with partners every time the need arises.

Thank you!