Ex-Louisville officer gets probation for using excessive force during Breonna Taylor protest

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Related News and Opinion February 6, 2023 February 6, 2023 February 6, 2023 February 3, 2023 February 2, 2023 IL file photo A former Louisville, Kentucky, police officer who pleaded guilty last fall to a misdemeanor charge of using excessive force in 2020 has been sentenced to two years of probation, 200 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine. Katie R. Crews, 29, of Jeffersonville, Indiana, was sentenced last week in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky. Crews’ sentence was less than the maximum penalty she could have received, but more than her attorneys and prosecutors had asked for. The maximum penalty associated with the charge is one year in prison and a $100,000 fine, but attorneys for both sides had asked the judge for one year of probation. U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin Beaton said he “reluctantly” agreed to a sentence that did not include prison time for Crews, calling the case “extremely difficult,” according to a report from Louisville news station WDRB. Crews had been indicted in March 2022 on a felony charge of using excessive force — a charge that carried a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. She ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. According to her October 2022 plea agreement, Crews had been working as a Louisville Metro Police Department officer on June 1, 2020, when she, along with other Louisville officers and National Guard members, were sent to break up a crowd at a gas station. Crews then approached a nearby barbecue restaurant and began firing nonlethal pepper balls, the agreement says. Crews intentionally fired a pepper ball at someone who was standing in the doorway of the restaurant, hitting that person in the shoulder, the agreement says. That person, identified in the plea agreement as M.M., was not behaving aggressively and did not pose a threat to Crews or to others, the agreement says. Per Louisville Metro Police policy, officers should only shoot pepper balls at a person if that person is actively aggressive, the agreement says. According to an Associated Press report on Crews’ October 2022 plea hearing, after M.M. was shot with the pepper ball, her uncle David McAtee — the barbecue restaurant’s owner — took out a gun and fired out the restaurant’s door. Crews, who is white, and other officers then switched to live ammunition and McAtee, who was Black, was fatally shot in the chest by a National Guard officer. The episode happened on a night when protesters were gathering in Louisville’s streets to protest the death of Breonna Taylor, a Black EMT who was killed by police executing a drug search warrant at her home. As part of her plea agreement, Crews no longer works as a Louisville Metro Police officer and has forfeited her Kentucky law enforcement certification. Crews also agreed not to work in any law enforcement job, including as a civilian or military police officer, sheriff’s deputy, jailer or correctional officer. “This former Louisville police officer abused her authority as a law enforcement officer and violated the victim’s civil rights,” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said in a news release issued Jan. 30. “This sentence makes clear that law enforcement officials are not above the law.” Clarke works for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Louisville officers and two National Guard officers were later cleared in a criminal probe into McAtee’s death. That probe found that the officers were justified in their use of deadly force because McAtee had fired at them first, the Associated Press story said. Please enable JavaScript to view this content.

Mother of Breonna Taylor reacts to death of Tyre Nichols from funeral service – wdrb.com

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The mother of Breonna Taylor says she's shocked officers are still putting black people in harm's way after everything the country has seen in the past two years."With everything that's going on, I can't believe officers are still choosing to behave in this manner," Tamika Palmer, Taylor's mother, told reporters Wednesday. "I think with everything that's happened, you would want to be on your best behavior and make sure everyone around you is doing the same thing."Palmer was invited to attend the funeral for Tyre Nichols. She says the whole incident brings back a lot of emotions for her, especially because Nichols and Taylor were the same age and suffered the same fate.Nichols died after five Memphis police officers beat him after pulling him over for a traffic stop at the beginning of the month.Taylor was shot six times by Louisville Metro Police on March 13, 2020. Police raided the 26-year-old's apartment on Springfield Drive near Pleasure Ridge Park while serving a warrant in pursuit of money and drugs involving Jamarcus Glover, who was at the center of a narcotics probe. When police knocked down the door of the apartment, Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a shot, hitting former LMPD officer Jonathan Mattingly in the leg. Police responded with 32 shots, and Taylor died at the scene.  Copyright 2023 by WDRB Media. All rights reserved.

Harris, Breonna Taylor’s mother and George Floyd’s brother expected at Tyre Nichols funeral

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Harris, Breonna Taylor’s mother and George Floyd’s brother expected at Tyre Nichols funeral | The Hill Skip to content A portrait of Tyre Nichols is displayed at a memorial service for him on Tuesday, Jan. [...]

A Painful Reminder: Breonna Taylor’s Mother Discovered Her Daughter And Tyre Nichols …

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Breonna Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, shared on Instagram that her daughter and recent police brutality victim, Tyre Nichols, share the same birthday. “Tyre Nichols 6/5/93, Breonna Taylor 6/5/93,” the post read, adding in the caption, “My heart is breaking all over again.” Palmer lost her daughter on March 13, 2020, after Louisville police barged into Taylor’s home without a legal warrant. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired at the officers under the assumption that they were intruders. In response, officers were unnecessarily fired numerous times, ultimately killing Taylor, who became a staple in the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement. Activist Tamika Mallory took to Instagram to explain how difficult it was for Palmer to deal with the discovery of her late daughter sharing the same birthday as Nichols. “Yesterday, I spent 30 horrible minutes trying to calm down Breonna Taylor’s mother and my friend, @tamikalpalmer,” Mallory wrote. “She was hysterical after learning her daughter and Tyre share the same exact birthday to the year.” Mallory continued, “She was damn near inconsolable and the only thing that broke her mourning was me saying “sis, you are going to get sick. Please stop before you get sick.” Then I cracked a personal joke and we were able to shift the conversation. We started cussing and talking about the war to stop this shit. So many emotions in 30 minutes.” She wrote, “This s**t is traumatizing” five times, ending it with, “It’s not ok. I’m not ok!” Palmer thanked Mallory in the comments section. Nichols died on Jan. 10 after five Memphis police officers beat him nearly to death after stopping him for allegedly driving recklessly on Jan. 7. Nichols was placed on life support and died three days after being hospitalized. Those five officers were fired.

Breonna Taylor’s Mother Confirms She & Tyre Nichols Shared The Same Birthday

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Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, confirmed on Instagram that her late daughter and Tyre Nichols share the same birthday. Both Taylor and Nichols died at the hands of police violence.After Palmer shared her post, her friend and activist, Tamika Mallory, reflected on speaking about Nichols’ death with Palmer. Mallory explained that she had to console Palmer following the news. LOUISVILLE, KY – SEPTEMBER 21: Tamika Palmer, mother of Breonna Taylor, poses for a portrait in front of a mural of her daughter at Jefferson Square park on September 21, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. Demonstrators gathered to prepare for possible unrest in wake of the Grand Jury decision regarding the officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Taylor was fatally shot by Louisville Metro Police officers during a no-knock warrant at her apartment on March 13, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. Demonstrators have occupied the park for 118 days. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images) “Yesterday, I spent 30 horrible minutes trying to calm down Breonna Taylor’s mother and my friend,” she stated. “She was hysterical after learning her daughter and Tyre share the same exact birthday to the year. She was damn near inconsolable and the only thing that broke her mourning was me saying, ‘Sis, you are going to get sick. Please stop before you get sick.’” Mallory continued: “Then I cracked a personal joke and we were able to shift the conversation. We started cussing and talking about the war to stop this shit. So many emotions in 30 minutes. This shit is traumatizing… It’s NOT OK. I’m NOT OK!” Nichols was brutalized by several Memphis police officers during a traffic stop. Video from the incident shows them punching and kicking him in the head repeatedly for three minutes. Nichols died three days later. Breonna Taylor was fatally shot during a police raid on her apartment in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2020. Check out Tamika Palmer and Tamika Mallory’s posts on Instagram below. [Via]

Restaurant patrons say they were disturbed by event with officer involved in Breonna Taylor raid

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE/Gray News) - A video went viral on social media that shows the owner of Anna’s Greek Restaurant in Bowling Green being confronted by restaurant patrons.The customers said they are upset that their dinners were interrupted by a Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky event at the restaurant. The group hosted John Mattingly, a former Louisville Metro Police Department police sergeant shot by Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend during the raid at her apartment that claimed her life.They said Mattingly’s event had speakers playing loud footage that involved gunshots from the 2020 protests.“The presentation crossed the line,” said Cayce Johnson, who was dining at the restaurant during Mattingly’s event. “It was completely distasteful and disrespectful. It was devoid of humanity. They should have never put that on in a public space. We should have never been subjected to that.”Cayce Johnson made reservations at the Greek restaurant for a group of friends. She said the event took them back to March of 2020, including the Breonna Taylor protests.Originally, the plan reportedly was to host the Mattingly event at a private venue, but those plans changed.In a YouTube response, Mattingly apologized for disturbing other customers in the restaurant that night.“There was no ill will and no malice,” Mattingly said. “We didn’t want the other patrons to hear this. I apologize to you, I really do.”Mattingly also said in his apology video that he’s offered to pay people’s receipts from that night, and those individuals have declined.Johnson said she and her friends are still uncomfortable with the situation that took place. She said she believes the apology is a start but doesn’t erase how it made them feel.“I am so ashamed my friends were put in that situation,” Johnson said. “The memories from 2020, an awful year for people of color and for Kentucky.”Currently, the organization that hosted Mattingly, the Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky, has deactivated its social media accounts and not returned messages.Anna’s Greek Restaurant provided a statement on Thursday issuing an apology for individuals who were negatively affected.The restaurant explained in the statement it had received a two-hour request to accommodate a local community group. They were unaware of the content that would be presented by the Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky.“We have now recognized the need to be exceedingly diligent in reviewing any content to be presented when blending restaurant patrons with private events,” Anna’s statement reads.Copyright 2023 WAVE via Gray Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Restaurant, ex-LMPD officer apologize to unwitting attendees of Breonna Taylor book event

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Restaurant owners and a former Louisville Metro Police officer involved in the 2020 raid at Breonna Taylor's apartment who hosted an event in Kentucky last week have apologized for holding the presentation while people who had not signed up to attend were in the crowd.In a video statement this week, ex-LMPD officer Jonathan Mattingly defended the event's subject matter, which concerned the aftermath of Taylor's killing at the hands of police in Louisville, but said it should have been held at a "totally secure location." And ownership of Anna's Greek Restaurant, the Bowling Green establishment where the presentation took place, said in a statement that it apologized to attendees and "anyone else who has been emotionally or negatively impacted by this controversial incident."Mattingly was a guest at a Jan. 17 event hosted by the Republican Women of South Central Kentucky to promote his new book, which discusses the March 2020 LMPD raid that left Taylor dead and the aftermath of the incident, a key factor behind a local and national protest movement that took place that summer. The dinner was initially scheduled to take place at the Bowling Green Country Club alongside state Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, a gubernatorial candidate in the Republican primary, but both parties backed out after news of Mattingly's presence sparked a backlash.In his video, Mattingly said the dinner, which included a loud video presentation with audio of gunshots, was aimed at GOP donors in the crowd who "wanted to know the truth so they had some ammunition in their pocket on who they knew who to support and who to vote for."However, while the private event with about 80 guests took place on the second floor of Anna's Greek Restaurant, some patrons who had reserved seats that evening to dine on the first floor said they were not aware the presentation was set to take place upstairs and were unwittingly exposed to the controversial event during their meal.Mattingly apologized to those crowd members in his video – "I know if I were in your shoes and there was something that I disagreed with being played over a place I brought my patronage to and paid for I'd be very upset as well" – and to the restaurant, which he described as "victim in this because they didn't know what was going on." The event was moved from the country club because "naysayers and haters" threatened the venue when they learned he would be there, Mattingly said, which put the restaurant that took the dinner "in a rough situation, right in the middle of crossfire that they didn't belong."In a separate statement published on its website, Anna's Greek Restaurant said the accommodation for the group was made on a notice of two hours and owners were "unaware of the content to be presented.""We now have recognized the need to be exceedingly diligent in reviewing any content to be presented when blending restaurant patrons with private events," the restaurant's statement said. "... It is our deepest desire to meet the needs of all people who visit our restaurant, regardless of race, religion, culture, and opinions."Cayce Johnson, a patron in attendance that night who has spoken out about the event, previously said everyone in the restaurant could hear what was taking place. She said Mattingly was introduced to "raucous applause" and at one point, loud video footage from the night of the raid was played.In his video, Mattingly said the audio of gunshots in the footage that aired that night was not taken during the raid at her apartment, as no video footage of the incident exists. Instead, he said, the footage used video and audio of subsequent protests, including a shooting that left seven people injured on the first night of the demonstrations and a shooting that injured two officers after Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced just one LMPD officer, Brett Hankison, would face charges over the raid.Mattingly, who was shot in the leg the night officers attempted to serve the no-knock warrant at Taylor's apartment, is currently promoting his book "12 Seconds In The Dark: A Police Officer’s Firsthand Account of the Breonna Taylor Raid."Reach Ana Alvarez Briñez at abrinez@gannett.com; follow her on Twitter @SoyAnaAlvarez.More:Militia leader sentenced to prison for pointing rifle at police in LouisvilleMore:'A game changing decision': Why Louisville Trader Joe's employees voted to unionizeMore:'Says a whole lot more about him': Elaine Chao speaks out about Trump's racist comments

‘Grandmaster Jay’ sentenced for pointing rifle at officers during Breonna Taylor protest

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- John Johnson, a militia leader who goes by the name "Grandmaster Jay," was sentenced Thursday in Jefferson Circuit Court to one year in prison for pointing a rifle at five police officers during the Breonna Taylor protests in 2020.Johnson is already serving seven years and two months in prison after a federal court jury in May 2020 found him guilty of one count of "Assaulting, Resisting or Impeding" and one count of "Brandishing a Firearm in Relation to a Crime of Violence" for the same crime.On Thursday, Johnson, 59, appeared in state court by teleconference and entered an Alford plea to five counts of wanton endangerment, meaning he maintained his innocence but acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence for a conviction.Johnson told Judge Annie O'Connell that he agreed "the possibility is very high based on the evidence that a guilty" finding would be returned by a jury. The prosecution recommend a one-year sentence for each wanton endangerment charge, to be served at the same time. That time will also run concurrently with the federal prison sentence."We agreed it's in his best interest to do this," said attorney David Lambertus, who represents Johnson.Judge O'Connell accepted the recommended plea.The incident took place while various groups were protesting at Jefferson Square Park in downtown Louisville in September 2020.The Kentucky Derby was scheduled to run and those groups said they were demonstrating because they felt the race should not be taking place when no criminal charges had yet been filed in connection with the death of Taylor.At that time, LMPD officers at the scene received a radio transmission stating that a group of "six to eight heavily armed individuals" were parked on Armory Place, near a parking garage, according to court documents.Two federal officers and three LMPD officers then went to the top of the nearby Jefferson County Grand Jury Building to watch the group, but were blinded by a flashlight when they leaned over the roof, the affidavit claimed.Prosecutors said the flashlight was attached to the barrel of a rifle Johnson was pointing at the officers.Copyright 2023 WDRB Media. All Rights Reserved.

Republican Women Play Footage of Breonna Taylor’s Death at Public Event Celebrating …

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The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky is a vile hate group. They recently held an event in recognition of one of the cops involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor, at a restaurant of all places because so insidious is white supremacy in American society that these people are comfortable holding what is essentially a celebration of murder in public. (Meanwhile, peacefully protesting outside of a restaurant is still an unacceptable trampling of conservative freedoms, remember.) Not only that, but they showed footage of the raid on Taylor’s home right there in the goddamned restaurant. How do we know this? Diners not affiliated with the event saw/heard the murder while they were trying to eat. Per The New Republic: The event took place on Tuesday at Anna’s Greek Restaurant, a well-known local restaurant in Bowling Green, with a dining area and second-floor space where events can be held. There, former Louisville Metro Police Department Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, one of the officers who conducted the no-knock warrant and raid that killed Taylor in March 2020, reportedly shared photos and blared video footage with gunshot noises. The restaurant was open to the public at the time of the event. Guests, some of whom had made reservations, were not informed by management about the last-minute event happening upstairs. Guests, including people of color, there for their own dinner plans were then shocked by what appeared to be a bustling event celebrating an officer who was part of the raid that killed a Black woman in her own home. We are a broken society. The article continues: Cayce Johnson, a guest at the restaurant that night, told The New Republic that the lights dimmed in the middle of their meal. “The woman comes back on and introduces Jonathan Mattingly, and everyone just roared upstairs—applause, cheers, and our mouths just dropped.” Sound carried throughout Anna’s, a retrofitted old church. If you are like me and like to believe that people are inherently good and will do the right thing when presented with the opportunity to do so, well, be prepared to completely have your worldview shattered. Not only did the restaurant owner know what was happening when it was happening, he all but threatened patrons when they complained about the deeply inappropriate and vile nature of what was going on. Per The New Republic: Katelyn Jones, another diner, told TNR the event also included a raffle and jokes about Covid-19. She said the event was initially so loud her father couldn’t hear anything at the table. After realizing the event included Mattingly, Johnson and her friends sought out the restaurant owner, Vilson Qehaja. Qehaja responded to the group’s concerns by literally shrugging his shoulders, according to video footage. “I have no idea what’s happening, so,” he said as the group complained about the presentation on Taylor. “I have nothing to do with that, so.” […] “He was drinking his coffee and staring at us, raising his eyebrows, kind of intimidating us, like, ‘What are you going to do?’” Johnson said. Qehaja’s behavior mimicked what event attendees upstairs allegedly were doing, as guests claimed men from the audience glared down from the second-floor balcony at restaurantgoers, seeming to warn them not to disrupt their event. America, ain’t she grand? Naturally, because American society exists to protect businesses first, Yelp has shut down reviews for the restaurant as of 1/25/2023, because capitalism must be protected at all costs. However, the BG Freedom Walkers recently arranged a protest at the restaurant. Per WBKO: “That’s just wrong. It’s just absolutely wrong. It’s not okay,” said former Anna’s employee, Aaron Preuett, “That’s intimate information, and that should not have happened.” Preuett said even after everything he’d seen working at Anna’s, he was still surprised. “To take it to that level, that’s detestable, there’s no other word for it,” Preuett said. Imagine what a racist POS you have to be to surprise an ex-employee at the depths of what a scumbag you are. If these people had any shame or self-reflection that might give them pause, but we all know bottom-feeders like them don’t. The article continues: The Freedom Walkers say Anna’s isn’t the only party to blame though, and that the Republican Women’s Club must take responsibility for inviting Mattingly. “He probably didn’t think he was going to get this big of a response by allowing that to happen, because they thought it was hush hush,” said BG Freedom Walkers Founder, Karika Nelson. “There’s always somebody watching, it’s always going to come to light.” Nelson says, while the customers of Anna’s deserve an apology from both the restaurant and Republican Women’s Club, the Freedom Walkers are past that point. “The event should have never taken place. They should have never brought Jonathan Mattingly into Bowling Green, so we’re passed an apology,” Nelson said. “But for the customers that went through all of that last Tuesday, they deserve an apology from the owner. That’s the least that he could do.” WBKO has made several attempts to contact Anna’s Greek Restaurant, as well as the Republican Women’s Club, but has not gotten a reply at this time. I think if there’s anything positive to be taken away from this horrible, awful, depraved situation it’s that these people are being watched and that there are members in the community that are willing to hold these people accountable for their actions if no one else is. (featured image: Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Frontline Action Hub)Have a tip we should know? [email protected]

Officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting responds to outrage over video played at GOP …

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Diners at a Greek restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky were able to hear the sounds of gunshots and unsettling police footage from an upstairs event held by a local Republican group hosting one of the officers who fired into the home of Breonna Taylor.The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky held a dinner event last week at Anna’s Greek Restaurant for Jonathan Mattingly, a former sergeant with the Louisville Metro Police Department who was among the officers who performed a botched police raid that killed the 26-year-old Black woman while she was in her apartment in 2020.Complaints fielded by a local chapter of the NAACP revealed that Anna’s patrons were not aware of the event, which they claimed included “graphic descriptions” of her killing, broadcast throughout the restaurant, according to the organisation.A week after the event, the former officer turned author and conservative pundit who was the honoured guest has denied that such footage was shown and apologised to restaurant patrons who believed they were hearing unsettling footage of Taylor’s killing.On 24 January, Mr Mattingly released a video statement denying that the event showed footage of Taylor’s death and condemning the “lies” surrounding the event. The sounds of gunshots, he said, came from news broadcasts about police who were shot during protests that were included in a presentation.He also offered to pay for affected diners’ meals.“There was no ill will, no malice. We did not want the other patrons to hear this,” he said in the video. “I apologise to you. I really do. I know, if I were in your shoes, and there was something that I disagreed with being played … I would be very upset as well.”A statement in from the NAACP Bowling Green-Warren County chapter said the organisation is “profoundly dismayed” and “outraged” over reports of the event, which has drawn several protests in Bowling Green.“It is beyond reprehensible to subject anyone, let alone children and customers of African American descent, to such indecent exposure, graphic and upsetting images while they were attempting to enjoy their meal,” according to a statement shared with The Independent from NAACP Bowling Green-Warren County president Ryan Dearbone.“Such disturbing occurrences must not be tolerated especially in places of public accommodation,” he added. “At a minimum, these acts are devoid of humanity and violate the most fundamental principles of human decency.”Mr Mattingly was the first officer to enter Taylor’s apartment on 13 March, 2020, as police executed a search warrant and used a battering ram to break down her door.Believing the police were intruders, her boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired one shot as officers broke through. Mr Mattingly was shot in the leg, and officers returned fire.Mr Mattingly was never charged in connection with the incident; he retired after he was placed on administrative leave.“Unfortunately it’s been a total disaster ever since,” Mr Mattingly said in his video statement, criticising the subsequent investigations into the incident.Last year, the US Department of Justice indicted three police officers – Kelly Goodlett, Joshua Jaynes and Kyle Meany – on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and civil rights violations for allegedly conspiring to mislead the judge who approved the search warrant on Mr Walker’s house.Detective Brett Hankison also was charged with civil rights violations, alleging that the now-former officer “willfully used unconstitutionally excessive force, while acting in his official capacity as an officer, when he fired his service weapon into Taylor’s apartment through a covered window and covered glass door,” according to the indictment.The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky initially planned to host the event at a different location, the Bowling Green Country Club, which declined after it became “aware of the guest speaker,” according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles also was set to appear, but he also backed out of the event due to “the controversial nature of another speaker at this event,” according to Spectrum News.Before the event, the group said in a statement to Spectrum News that Mr Mattingly was invited to speak so attendees could “obtain a firsthand account” of what happened the night Taylor was killed.Restaurant patron Cayce Johnson told The Courier Journal that audio from the event could be heard throughout the restaurant and that Mr Mattingly was introduced to “raucous applause”.She told CNN that Mr Mattingly’s presentation “went through everything, talked about the investigation and then played several tapes during his presentation”.Another patron, Katelyn Jones, told CNN that she was unable to see what was happening upstairs but heard the sounds of sirens and gunshots that drowned out their own dinner conversation.“Towards the end of our meal, the lights shut off and we heard police radio chatter and sirens on a recording. We heard the gunshots, too, and it was so loud and chaotic. It was really loud,” she told CNN.

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