While We Were Building | A Path Forward

In the wake of the pandemic, the Louisville Urban League League convened dozens of Black leaders, to discuss and begin to address various issues. Following the killings of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, that group began to take bold action, feeling that the time had come for the city to hand over the necessary resources for them to do the work themselves since elected leaders had been reluctant to do what they had been sworn to do for everyone.

Along with the rest of Black America, Black Louisville is suffering. Louisville is not an exception to any rule. We have been so blinded by occasional generous words and sporadic individual acts of compassion that we have allowed our city and its leaders to believe otherwise, to believe that this city is somehow different. That our pain hasn’t been significant, hasn’t been real. That misconception must end. To continue on this path will deprive Louisville of the opportunity to become the city that lives up to its promises to every resident.

A Path Forward for Louisville has laid a foundation a created a roadmap for the city to finally become what it should have always been.

The impact of Breonna Taylor’s death at the hands of Louisville Metro Police is evident not only in the conversations it has generated, but in the way institutions have responded. They have given money to help Black businesses, opened medical services in underserved areas and created programs that raise awareness about systemic racism. [Louisville Courier Journal]

While We Were Building