What it really takes to keep schools open during the omicron surge

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Enlarge this image In Chicago, the teachers union voted this week to return to virtual learning, citing COVID-19 concerns, despite district plans to continue in person. In response, the district canceled classes for its more than 300,000 students. Scott Olson/Getty Images Scott Olson/Getty Images Brittany Gonzalez has 10 students, and only five of them consistently wear masks. She teaches special education to second- and third-graders in Lee County, Fla. "It is a foreign piece of cloth on their face," she says. "And not all of them have the level of understanding as to why we're doing it and what it means and how to wear it." Gonzalez knows that showing up to work every day in person, as she has since fall 2020, means risking exposure to COVID-19. "I have not been – knock on wood – impacted by a death personally," she says. "But a lot of people around my county have. So it's very scary."