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The New York City Police Department in the suburbs is being investigated for allegedly conducting illegal strip searches and using excessive force.

According to the Associated Press, a federal inquiry into the Mount Vernon, New York, police department was announced on Friday to look into allegations of civil rights violations such as excessive force and improper strip searches.

According to the Westchester Journal News, U.S. Attorney Damian Williams announced the investigation at a press conference on Friday, saying it will look at whether the police department’s officers perform their responsibilities in a racially discriminatory manner.

“Police officers have difficult jobs, and many of them carry out their duties honorably, lawfully, and with distinction, respecting the rights of the people they have sworn to protect,” Williams said in a statement released by the Department of Justice. “However, when cops break the law, they are betraying their oath and jeopardizing the faith of the community.” During the news conference, Kristen Clarke, the chief of the Justice Agency’s civil rights division, stated that the inquiry is in response to public concerns as well as private comments sent to the department.

“We’ve received accusations that officers are targeting Black residents for abuse and excessive force,” she added, adding that “evidence suggests that managers teach this targeting to their subordinates.”

If the investigation finds no evidence of the previous allegations, the department will notify the public; however, if the allegations are proven, the Department of Justice will release a full report of their findings and work with the department to develop and implement positive reforms to ensure that the violations do not occur again.

Similar investigations into police departments in Minneapolis and Louisville have already been announced this year, following the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor at the hands of officers in both cities.

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It also initiated a pattern or practice investigation of the Phoenix police.

Mimi Rocah, the Westchester County district attorney, had asked the Justice Department to look into whether the small police force north of the Bronx is “systematically violating people’s civil rights” seven months prior. She cited a history of unreasonable strip and cavity searches, as well as “possibly criminal conduct” by several past and current Mount Vernon cops.

James Ready, a former officer, pled guilty to assaulting a handcuffed and chained man this summer. This is a condensed version of the information.